Our Clients' Success Is Our Success

Priyaa Prasad is an internationally trained business lawyer with years of experience fighting for her clients. Her in-depth understanding of the law, enriched by years of international practice, allows her to analyze issues from many different angles. She creates innovative solutions to resolve problems and can offer them in English, Hindi and Tamil.

Priyaa practices in the Greater Toronto Area. Her practice areas include corporate and commercial law, wills and estates.

We Work Closely With Our Clients

Priyaa does not believe in treating clients like customers. Her clients are her business partners. She closely works with her clients to create a plan for success, which includes taking the time to sit down and listen to their goals, needs and objectives. She then evaluates the best possible options and presents them, outlining preferred solutions.

Priyaa is not just a lawyer to her clients, but a counsellor as well.

She will take the time to:

  • Listen to her clients with a compassionate ear
  • Take an issue, pull it apart and analyze it from all angles
  • Come up with the best solutions for her clients
  • Work on a plan to success

Her clients' goals are her goals and she is determined to fight vigorously until the end to make their goals a reality.

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